Featured Ride: whitepepper

Vehicle Info

Year: 2010
Make: Volkswagen
Model: GTI
Mileage: 12k
Color: Shadow Blue
Suspension: MK5 H&R Ultra Lows
Brakes: ECS stage 5 BBK
Wheels: OZ Mitos. 3pc 5x130 18x8.5 et31, 18x9.5 et36, H&R 20mm and 25mm 5x112 to 5x130 adapters
Engine: APR stage 1, Tiguan pipe/noise pipe delete
Interior: ED30 shift knob, CC euro switch
Exterior: Color matched side markers, OEM JSW upper grill, custom one-off Dorbritz Designs OEM golf lower grill, custom passenger side front fender ( :rofl:)

Name: Jon Elkins
Location: Houston

When did you buy your car and what made you want it?
Feb 2010. I first wanted one while driving Alf's brand new MK6 GTI around Bear Creek Park during the EAG BBQ. Then I saw how good they looked modded. Finally, peer pressure from Alf and Matt to buy one from them pushed me over the top.

Which cars have influenced you over the years? AJ's MK5, various WFSU cars and gtimakesmebroke to name a few.

Do you have a modding ethos? Anything that's not oem.

When did you realize you were a car guy? Before I could even drive legally. I read car magazines like crazy starting at like the age of 12 mainly due to my older brother. Also, I always enjoyed detailing my parent's and their friend's cars at a young age.

What cars have you owned previously? All VW's; two corrado G60s, B5 passat, MK3 jetta VR6 and a mk5 GTI.

Five best wheels in the history of dubbing (besides flik wasps and 17x7 xterra wheels ~ed)? Anything off of a land rover.

Best music for a Sunday drive? Any live ween or UGK, depending on my mood.

You've built a proper Volkswagen. Now tell the people how to build a proper Genghis bowl. The more you can pack in your bowl, the better.

Not many people know that you have an encyclopedic knowledge of vwvortex. Off the top of your head, name 5 vortex users, their cars, and at least two sets of wheels each has had without searching. I have had vortex amnesia ever since they switched things over a few months back. Sadly, it's just not the same anymore.

You're a static low veteran. Which Houston streets should low newbies avoid like the plague?
45 south cost me monies recently by destroying my wheel.

How the f*ck do you operate a clutch with sandals? Years of practice. Sometimes I kick them off and drive barefoot.

Shout outs: SC/A-Team, Alf, VWMatt, AJ, Berk @ DBC, Drew @ Dorbritz Designs, Candido and his Canon, RDurty2, sorry if I forgot anyone.