Featured Ride: kl06

Vehicle Info

Year: 1988
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Golf
Mileage: 250,000 on the body, 6,000ish on the motor

Color: Helios Blue

Suspension: FK
Brakes: I've got some and they're painted red :)
Wheels: BBS RM 15x6.5 ET33  :( Hopefully they'll be wider soon

Engine: 2.0l 16v Digi 2

Interior: It changes often like my underwear, monthly. Currently grey with red accented GTI trim.
Exterior: Full Helios respray, shaved bay, fenders, and rear hatch.
Name: Kevin Lawrence
Location: College Station until May and then somewhere in H-town   ;D
When did you buy your car and what made you want it?
Fall 09, Price was unbeatable and I really wanted to finally own a VW.

Which cars have influenced you over the years?
Clay, Scott, and Carol's mk2's.

What is your ratio of driving the car to working on it?
I only get to drive my car about 10% of the time, but for that 10% or less, I'm free.

Worst place you've broken down?
On 45 south just north of Madisonville. Prob should of stopped sooner, just ask Alex or Carol  :facepalm:

Most McGuiver like miracle on the fly repair your have made?
Bypassing my heater core without a brass elbow and just bending the coolant line. Will had no faith but it worked like a champ  :thumb

What cars have you owned previously?
The Danger Ranger

Best music for a Sunday drive?
30 Seconds to Mars

You have the most sincere laugh i have ever heard. Not a question. Just thought the people should know.

Free form: I don't know you nearly as well as i should considering you're such a good dude and all. Tell the people about yourself, your car, whatever is on your mind.
I don't know how to freestyle I'm white  :(

Shout outs:
Clay, Brandon, Henry, Doug, Chris, the super crew, Alberto, and the rest of eag for all of their support.

And a huge thanks to Matt Dobre for coming through with the pictures.