Featured Ride: motorwerks1

Vehicle Info

Year: 1991     
Make: VW
Model: GTI
Mileage: Unknown
Color: Black

Suspension: FK Coilovers, Nuespeed Sway Bars, Eibach Strut Bars

Brakes: Full 5 bolt swap from a VR6 Corrado, Audi A4 Front Calipers.

Wheels: BBS RS 16x8.5 with Falken 205-40's

Engine:  2.9L VR6, German Motorsports Chip, Custom Intake, Scorpion Exhaust.

Interior: Corrado Dash Swap w Cluster, DDI Gauges, MK3 Steering Column, MK3 Console, Oldschool Steering Wheel, Upgraded 16V Recaro Seats w Door Panels, Battery in Trunk.

Exterior:   Factory Big Bumpers, 16V / G60 Front Flares, Smoothed n Shaved hood & Hatch, All Red Tails, Euro Spec H4 Hella Headlights and Fogs, Badgeless Grill w Upper & Lower Grill Spoilers, No Wipers, Audi 5000 Fubu Antenna, Porsche Polished Door Handles.

Props: Thanks to Dorbritz Designs for the hood and hatch shave
               Weezy Kustoms for helping polish motor parts and wheel lips.

Name: Scott Stewart   
Location: Carrollton, Tx
Occupation: Internet Sales

What is your favorite beverage? Dr Pepper, Mudslides

What is your favorite restaurant/fast food place?
I don't really have one. I change my mind all the time.

Single/Married/Engaged/Girlfriend-Boyfriend/Children? I'm engaged and have a 2 year old daughter.

House/apartment?  We live in a house but it is quickly growing too small. Looking for something larger.

What would be your dream job? I kinda have my dream job. I can't think of anything better I would like to do. Just wish I made more money.

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do with your money?  My instinct would be to go buy some kind of supercar.  In reality I would pay off my parents cars and mortgages, then my own.

Other than cars, what do you like to do with your spare time?  What hobbies do you have?  Other than cars I love to spent time with my daughter. We have a lake property and we go there every couple of weeks.

How long have you owned this car?
Roughly 10 years or so.

What made you want to acquire this car?  I was broke and had no ride.

So did you do the work yourself or have help?  Who helped you?  I have done 99% of the work myself. Painting a couple items is the only thing I didn't do myself.

What was the biggest obstacle while building your car? Money, money, and money.

When did you realize you were a car guy (what got you into cars)? I remember walking to elementary school and I would notice cars that were "modded" and think that was cool. I knew I wanted some kind of car with something done to it.

If money was not an option, what would be your dream car?  I would probably buy some type of Ferrari, F40 maybe?

Weekend warrior, or daily driver?This is not either. It sits in the garage and goes to a couple GTG's and car shows, thats about it.

Do you have any other cars your modding? Yes I do. I have a '92 Corrado G60 that I did a VR6 swap.  I have a 95 GTI VR6 that is my track car, and an Audi A6 Avant daily driver.